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Hai, My name is Satheesh Kumar P. K., hails from Moolakkayam North of Kottayam District in the state of Kerala-India. I was born and brought up in an evangelical Christian family. My parents are quite devoted to the Christian faith in the Lord. My grandparents are converted to faith in Christ from a traditional Hindu background. My father is a farmer and mother a housewife. I have one sister and one brother they had accepted the Lord Jesus as Savior. I am the eldest son to my beloved parent.

We became the members of a local Church named Missionary Baptist Church (MBC) at Moolakkayam north in Kerala. As I was a child, the attendance of Sunday school was mandatory for us and other activities of the Church. I used to attend the Sunday school every week without fail from my childhood onwards. It was the prayer of my parents that I should become a child of God.   However, as the days passed often times my parents reminded me that they had dedicated me for the Lord’s ministry. But I was not interested to hear those words because I deeply felt that it could be ridiculous and shameful for me to be becoming a servant of Jesus. I knew that if I had become a child of God and then I could be deserted by my friends.

I was an active member in our local Church. But I had ever been experienced the real joy and happiness of salvation. Because I had no personal relationship with Jesus Christ as my savior. I could feel emptiness in my heart even though I was an active member of the Church and Sunday school programs. I thought that I was a saved person for three reasons: (1) because my parents had dedicated me for the Lord’s ministry; (2) because I was born in a Christian family; and (3) because I was a member of our Church.

As days went during my secular education I had found many friends. The friends that I had were nominal and traditional Christians of various denominations. My friendship with other so-called Christians and non-Christians had made great influence and could divagated me from coming into a close relationship with the Lord. It could steered me into worldly devices to satisfy myself. I thought that I was right at what I was doing in my eyes. I got all the freedom to do wrong things. The friends whom I had resorted never helped me to live a godly life.

In 1992 with some of my friends I went to attend a “mini revival crusade” at Thulappally near my home town in Kerala. The crusade was for three days. Every day we used to attend to the programs, on the third day, as I was hearing the message of Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection and his second coming. The message was inspiring and challenging. The convention went with unusual spiritual power. My heart was broken over and over again with the message that Jesus Christ died for my sins and that He still loves me! The Spirit of God convinced and insisted my heart that I am a sinner and I need a savior. Finally on that blessed moment I could realize that I was a sinner I need a Savior nothing but the Lord Jesus Christ. There I could confess my sins with a broken heart and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and the Lord. Jesus Christ came into my life it was on that 10th of January 1992.

Couple of weeks later I testified Jesus in taking baptism in the water on 13th of February 1992. Thereafter, it was my deepest desire to study God’s Word and to know more about Jesus Christ. Four years later in 1996 God answered my prayer and opened a way for me to study His word at Biblical Baptist Bible College at Pampady, Kottayam, Kerala. As I was studying I had found many difficulties to pursue my studies. In fact, I was greatly discouraged of financial commitment and other various needs for my studies. For this reason I had at times stopped my studies from my third year B.Th. and left to home for some job to support myself and my family. But the Lord brought me back to the college and I could continue my studies.

However, the Lord was so gracious to me and He enabled me to complete my course and graduate with B.Th. from B.B.B.C in 2002. The Lord could open another opportunity to go for further studies at South India Baptist Bible College and Seminary (SIBBC&S) at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. The Lord helped me to graduate with Bachelor of Divinity (B. Div) on March, 2003. The Lord enabled me to graduate with Master of Divinity from SIBBC on March, 2004. On the following year 2005 I have joined for my Master of Theology course. However, due to my physical illness I could not continue my studies so I went back home.

The sufferings I had gone through mold my trust and faith in the Lord and the Lord answered my prayers and healed me. In the year 2005 from June to October the Lord has given me an opportunity to teach the Word of God at Land Mark Missionary Baptist Bible College & Seminary at Trivandrum, Kerala. After six months of teaching at LMBTC, I went back to continue my study at SIBBC. As my studies progressed I knew that the Lord has really called me for his marvelous ministry.

In 2006 I came down to Bangalore and joined to BTCS for teaching, administering, and training young men and women for the Lord’s ministry. I could serve the Lord at BTCS for 6 years (2006-2012). In 2012 the Lord has opened way to join Asia Evangelical College & Seminary (AECS) for full time teaching, preaching, administering and training. Till now I am serving the Lord at AECS, Bangalore. By God’s grace I also pursuing my  Doctor of Ministry program at SAIACS, Bangalore. I, therefore, earnestly request your valuable prayers for my ministry and studies.

Yours Sincerely

Prof. Satheesh Kumar. P. K

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